Vol 4 (2016)

Table of Contents


Dimitri Kirsanoff: The Elusive Estonian PDF
Dirk Hoyer 4-15
On the Topics and Style of Soviet Animated Films PDF
Ülo Pikkov 16-37
Transcending ‘Cold Intimacies’ in Veiko Õunpuu’s Works PDF
Eva Näripea, Ewa Mazierska 38-59
Alternative Networks of Globalisation: Latvian Neorealism in the Films of Laila Pakalniņa PDF
Klāra Brūveris 60-87
Exploring the Ways Cinematography Affects Viewers’ Perceived Empathy towards Onscreen Characters PDF
Elen Lotman 88-107
‘All the Necessary Information is Provided by Russia’s Channels’. Russian-language Radio and TV in Latvia: Audiences and Content PDF
Anda Rožukalne 106-124

Book Reviews

Olev Remsu, Filmidraamatehnika [Techne of Film Drama] PDF
Teet Teinemaa 127-129
Ewa Mazierska, Lars Kristensen and Eva Näripea (eds.), Postcolonial Approaches to Eastern European Cinema: Portraying Neighbours On-Screen PDF
Klāra Brūveris 129-131

ISSN: 2346-5522