Public Schools’ Websites in Estonia: Required Communication Channel but no Shared Knowledge

Mari-Liis Tikerperi


In this paper, I will explore how Estonian public schools are sharing information with their target groups on their websites. Nowadays we cannot ignore the importance of online channels in communication. Estonian public schools are using different limited-access online platforms and mailing lists to manage their communication. According to the fact that schools are public institutions, they need to be visible in public and schools’ websites have become an integral part of school public communication. In Estonian context, schools’ websites are also required by the law.

The main purpose of this study is to map how public schools in Estonia address the information to their stakeholders and through that, represent themselves on their websites. The data is focused on the announcements of the first school day in Estonian basic schools, upper secondary schools, and gymnasiums (N=374). Results show that schools are using different ways to manage and present information on their web pages even though their target groups and stakeholders are similar to the wide picture.


schools’ communication management; public relations; information management; websites; school traditions

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