Välispoliitika muutuvas maailmas: väljakutsed ja võimalused Eesti kui väikeriigi vaatenurgast

Mari-Liis Sulg, Matthew Crandall


Small state foreign policy in the changing world order: Opportunities and challenges for Estonia


The changing world order is ushering in a competition of new ideas and norms. Small European countries in particular are dependent on open rules-based trade regimes, and institutions like the EU, and NATO. To adapt to these developments small states should increase their activity and scope of their foreign policies. This article uses Acharya’s concept of a multiplex world order to understand the changes influencing small states. This article argues that small European states should pursue foreign policy strategies of engagement to succeed in a multiplex world. This should be done by adapting to the changing world order, developing relationships outside of the transatlantic region as well as deepening new relationships within the transatlantic region. Estonian foreign and defence policies will be studied in depth to highlight the challenges and opportunities available for small states.The article concludes that a paradox is developing for small states: as nationalism rises and global institutions faulter, small states will need to be global in foreign and defence strategies. While small states face resource limitations, there are certain smart strategies that can make adaptation to the new world order more successful.

Keywords: changing world order, small states, foreign policy, Estonia

Märksõnad: muutuv maailmakord, väikeriigid, välispoliitika, Eesti välispoliitika.

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