Fontannikud enamlaste võitlussalga lõhestajaina [The Fontanka men as the drivers of a split among the Bolshevik fighting groups]

Aarne Ruben


The article discusses conflicts among Estonian communists at the beginning of the 1920s. The roots of those conflicts dated back to events preceding WWI. The split damaged the relationships between the leaders of the movement, exacerbated the underground fight against the Republic, and therefore, the implementation of the world revolution event planned by the Bolsheviks, and in the end nearly led to the demise of all those involved mainly in the course of Stalin’s cleansings in 1937. The main emphasis is on conspirative life and the actual underground fight against the Republic of Estonia. The approach is primarily based on preserved correspondence between the underground communists in Estonia and the communists in Petrograd.


Republic of Estonia, 1924 December coup, Communist Party of Estonia, Comintern, world revolution

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