Фабула о продавшемся таланте [A Story of the Man Who Sold His Talent (Publication by Boris Orekhov and Sergei Shaulov)]

Romen Nazirov


This chapter of the unpublished doctoral dissertation of an expert on Dostoyevsky and literary theory, Romen Nazirov (1934—2004), addresses the problem of how Russian 19th-century literature treated the cultural motif of a deal with the devil. The chapter is centered on an overview of the variants of this motif in the writings of Nikolai Gogol, Vladimir Odoyevsky, Ivan Goncharov, and others.


Russian Philology, Romen Nazirov (1934—2004), History of Literature, Marxism.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22601/SR.2014.01.09


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