Два письма П. А. Вяземского [Two Letters by Pyotr Vyazemsky]

Lev Sobolev


This is a prefaced and annotated preprint of a much larger corpus of Prince Pyotr Vyazemsky’s letters (see also the previous volume of Slavica Revalensia) to the editor of the journal “Russkii arkhiv” (“Russian Archive”) Pyotr Bartenev. In these particular two letters written in a span of a week (September 19 and 27, 1868, Old Style) the elderly poet criticizes Bartenev for publishing “Zapiska o kramolakh vragov Rossii” (“A Note on Russia’s Enemies’ Conspiracies”) and shares his marginalia with “Russian Archive’s” editor. Written 45 years prior to 1868, this note resounded in Prince Vyazemsky as an example of current (or timeless) religious obscurantism that Prince Vyazemsky loathed.

KEYWORDS: 19th-Century Russian Literature, Prince Pyotr Vyazemsky (1792—1878), Pyotr Bartenev (1829—1921), Correspondence, History of Literature.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22601/SR.2020.07.04


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