Models and Strategies of Conflict Interaction Between Business and Authorities in Transition Societies: The Case of Russia

Anna Georgievna Pinkevich, Igor Dmitrievich Osipov, Andrei Victorovich Aleinikov


The purpose of this paper is to explore the ties between business and power in Russia and to analyse the features of what can be considered a conflictual relationship. Using the approaches of D. North, J. Wallis, B. Weingast, and J. Nye as a starting point, this article provides an overview of new business development in Russia and suggests that power is an important factor in the relationship between businesses and authorities in a transitional society. Drawing on both a theoretical and empirical analysis, it will be shown that ties between businesses and authorities have come to generate social distrust and negative attitudes towards both institutions in today’s Russia.



transition society, business and authority, conflict management, political strategies, corruption

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