Vol 8, No 1 (2016)

Table of Contents


Services, Modes of Governance and the State PDF


Models and Strategies of Conflict Interaction Between Business and Authorities in Transition Societies: The Case of Russia PDF
Anna Georgievna Pinkevich, Igor Dmitrievich Osipov, Andrei Victorovich Aleinikov
The Evasion of Retirement Insurance Contributions in Croatia PDF
Predrag Bejakovic
Two Decades of Estonian Police and the (Ir)relevance of Police Models for the Development of Safety Policy PDF
Priit Suve, Peeter Selg, Georg Sootla
Contested Notions of National Identity, Ethnic Movements And Democratization in Iran PDF
Ozum Yesiltas
Everyday Nation-Building In The Post-Soviet Space. Methodological Reflections. PDF
Oleksandra Seliverstova, Emilia Pawlusz

Book Review

Polarising Development: Marxist Perspectives on Neoliberalism and its Alternatives PDF
Annalisa Addis

ISSN: 1736-8758