The new edition - 13 (2023/2024) of the Journal has been published


The new edition  - 13 (2023/2024) of the Journal has been published. It contains four articles. Main emphasis is on the East-West polarity and the vital problems that the world is facing today. This edition assembles different standpoints across the world - including representatives from Harvard and Yale Universities, Russian-Armenia. (Slavonic) Univerity, Tampere University and all the way to Caucasus University. The first article by Tim Lomas, Brendan Case, Flynn Cratty, Alexander Batsonstarts, starts from the grounds and is highlighting the complexities of the polarity through a ‘psycho-historical’ approach, namely, exploring the psychological nature and dynamics of this distinction through a historical lens. Authors are exploring variations on the East-West topic throughout six key historical eras: pre-history; the Classical Age; the rise of Christianity; the medieval world; the Enlightenment; and the Cold War. Nora Gevorgian - author of the second article - examines the geopolitical importance of small states for great powers, focusing mainly on the significance of Armenia, taking into perspective the evolution of American regional policy in the South Caucasus region. The last two articles by Jyri Käkonen and Marian Tarashvili,  are focusing mainly on the war in Ukraine and on the impact of the war on the world system in transition. The review is based on the world system analysis and power transition theory. Author of the fourth article studies the determinants of US foreign aid from the perspective of the donor and the recipient country, as a two-way and complex process, through the prism of liberalism. Hopefully, you find this edition to be thought-provoking and it will expand your horizons.
Posted: 2024-06-06

New Editor in Chief

Starting from 1st of May 2024 the East West Studies Journal has a new Editor in Chief  -  Professor Massimo La Torre and the new Co-Editor of the Estonian version of the Journal is Professor Emeritus Ene Grauberg.  
Posted: 2024-06-06
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