New number of East-West Studies Journal is published

Latest issue of the School of Governance, Law and Society published journal East-West Studies Journal was published in December 2016. This is the seventh number of the previously Tallinn University Law School journal.

The current number will introduce a wide range of topics - legal regulation of mass media, women in peace agreements, criminal and civil procedure, use of military force in international relations but also very specific topics like entrepreneurial and liquid fuel, community-based and institutional care. Geographically, China’s control of its currency and economic sovereignty and legal aspects of mental health policy in Armenia are discussed. Moreover, a theoretical study on institutionalism and constitution is written and published not in English but in French.

The 7th number of East-West Studies is edited by the Journal’s editor-in chief, Research Professor of International Law and Politics, Rein Müllerson and the Professor of Human Rights Law, Mart Susi.

Tallinn University School of Governance, Law and Society

Narva mnt. 2910120 Tallinn

ISSN 1736‐9541 ISBN 978‐9949‐29‐232‐5