Tõlkevõhik keele- ja lugemisoskuse valdkonna terminivarast [Translation ignorant mediating CEFR and PISA special terms]

Krista Kerge


In the era of globalisation and simultaneous grouping, multilingualism has become a norm. In their job or studies, most of educated Estonians have to mediate information from one or more foreign languages. At the same time, several difficulties arise: (1) these people are not familiar with theoretical issues of translation; (2) they may be faced with a lack of suitable special terms in the target language; (3) for marking the same concept, several parallel scientific paradigms and groups characteristic of the era may use different 114 signifiers, and the other way around: the same lexical units may mark different notions. The article mediates empirical findings of editing (and retranslating) CEFR (2001) and PISA 2009 (2008) terminology; some more general conclusions may address practitioners of every-day translating, some others point to problems to be solved on the higher level of society.


multilingualism, LSP, English, Estonian, translation

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